Art + and + I = Artandi

“Art is a way of survival.”
— Yoko Ono

Art is closely related to us and blends with us.

Without it, life becomes boring.

Artandi is a modern lifestyle store for the artistically minded. We have a unique selection of classic, beautiful, artistic, cutting-edge, and compelling items that focuses on all aspects of art & design, from graphics and illustrations to fashion. Art is never limited by borders or regions, so we showcase emerging talents and established artists from all over the world. Artandi celebrates individuality and artistry, curating a collection of living, breathing works of art that are both functional and beautiful.

Let’s breathe with art

Bring it into your daily life and let it enrich your soul.

Trends come and go, but with the knowledge of our experienced curators we can focus on what really matters instead of blindly chasing after the latest fad in the market. We want to nurture a community that enjoys quality arts and design goods.

“You are the artist and the art.”
— Bryant H. McGill


Bringing art into one’s daily life


Curating timeless and sustainable goods


Demanding quality aesthetic design


Building a community to share what we love